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High area performance and low footprint are the assets of the model T 160 VS. This small model requires a small low-power, 4-driving-wheel, tractor, which makes it remarkably easy to handle.

It is suited both to coastal beaches and sandy leisure centers, sport grounds, playgrounds, etc. While performing a perfect separation of the sand from the waste, its efficient vibrating rollers reach a cleaning depth of over 15 cm (6”) on all types of sand (wet, compacted, dry, etc.). Ideally designed for green-field or orchard tractors, its robust forward blade and powerful beater ensure performances very close to those of much larger frames.

This cuts significantly your investment and operating costs with no compromise on cleaning quality. The T 160 VS sifter is your ideal partner if you wish to reconcile touristic attraction and budget control.


  • Length:3 900 mm (154”)
  • Width: 2 060 mm (81”)(Smoother-finisher) / 2 040 mm (80”)(outside tires)
  • Overall height: 1 260 mm (50”)
  • Weight empty: 1 060 kg
  • Hopper capacity : 600 litres
  • Dump height: On ground or dumping dock
  • Number of vibrating rollers: 2
  • Hydraulic tank: 40 litres (integral with the frame)
  • Niveau sonore : < 70 dB
  • Low-pressure tires : 26 x 12.00 x 12
  • Drive: Hydraulic pump and motors for driving the screening belt and beater
  • Anticorrosion treatment : Hot galvanizing by dipping the frame and the various parts (hopper, lifting system, beater, etc.). This ensures the best protection, including the bore of tubular parts).


  • Working width: 1 700 mm (67”)(up to 1 900 mm (75”) optionally)
  • Working depth: 0 à 180 mm (7”)
  • Can be used on dry or wet sand
  • Type of waste: Seaweeds, reeds, wood, plastics, cans, rubble, glass, large debris..
  • Rendement surfacique : up to 22 000 m2 / hour (220,000sq. ft /h) (depending on beach conditions)

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